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Digital Art Information


Preparing Digital Artwork - OnLine with Culver

We accept most versions of the following applications for either platform (MAC or PC).

Popular Formats We Prefer

    Adobe Illustrator
    Adobe Acrobat or PDF
    Macromedia Freehand
    Adobe PhotoShop (.psd, .tif, .jpg, .eps)

Please provide any fonts required for your design or take the proper measure to ensure no fonts will be required to open and print your artwork correctly.

Please send all files associated with your artwork. (Ex: When linked files are used, please send the linked file along with your artwork.)

when providing your art in one of the Photoshop formats, We require the art to be a minimum of 350dpi & Camera Ready, it will help ensure quality.

We Reserve the right to decide what is or is not Camera Ready Artwork.

Sending Digital Artwork

Upload it to us:

Go to: http://www.glassamerica.com/ArtUpload.cfm

or send via E-mail:

Submit artwork to: art@glassamerica.com or art@mglass.com

To ensure faster processing of your artwork, please include your Company Name, PO Number, ASI Number and the state in which your company is located. also, include a copy of the PO with your E-mail, or indicate layout, color breakdown and Item number.

On Media:


Requesting Digital Art - Online with Culver

We offer artwork prepared for direct screen via E-mail. Please provide a valid E-mail address.

Request ePROOF - We will send you a color separated black & white proof suitable for on-screen viewing in the PDF format which can be viewed through Adobe Acrobat. Upon request, and eProof can be sent using the JPEG format.

Request ART.....$30.00(g) - We will provide you with the final color separated artwork we used for your order. It will be provided in an EPS and TIFF file format.

Request Virtual ePROOF - We do not recommend using virtual proofs for out products. Most virtual samples do not have the kind of placement accuracy to really specify how a product will be decorated. A virtual sample is merely a visual guide and is not a true representation of an actual pre-production proof. However; we will offer virtual samples for one color imprints on our most popular product offering only.

We Cannot Accept Responsibility for failure to provide clear, concise and more importantly correct information. (for example: misdirected e-mail or file incompatibilities).

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