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Four Color Process Decals

  Please contact the factory for four color process pricing.
  All four color process orders are subject to a $500.00g non-refundable sampling and separation charge or $600.00g for glassware and darker colored items that require a backup white to the four color process decal.
  Four color process decals require a 576 piece minimum quantity order.
  The sample color swatch below is close to the actual colors used in our four color process. We do not use the Pantone process colors. Depending on your design and item, we may add spot colors to match the colored art.


Spot Color Decals

  In order to expedite your order, we recommend that you submit camera ready artwork using these guidelines:
   1. Full Color transparency sized 4" x 5" or 8" x 10".
 2. Maximum screen values of 120 d.p.i. (dots per inch)
 3. Minimum Resolution is 240 for computer generated artwork.
 4. Screen pattern range 20% to 80%.

  When sending computer generated artwork, use these guidelines:
  1. We accept digital artwork in the following formats:
    Adobe Illustrator Adobe Photoshop
    Corel Draw Macromedia Freehand
  2. Convert fonts to outlines or provide font files associated with the artwork.
  3. If any linked files are placed in the artwork, the linked files need to be sent with the artwork.
  4. Send a hard copy.
  5. To ensure safe transfers of files over the internet, be sure to compress your files with Winzip (PC) or Stuffit (MAC).
  You may email artwork to decal@glassamerica.com or art@glassamerica.com If you choose to send your artwork on a disk, we accept the following types: CD Rom, DVD Rom and lomega Zip 100 Disks.

  Our goal is to render the best possible end product for your satisfaction. Help us by following these guidelines.




Sublimation allows you to print full color imprints on ceramic mugs. The imprints are vibrant and colorful, making them ideal for depicting buildings, nature scenes, anniversaries as well as any colorful picture or logo.
Sublimation allows you to have photo-lab quality and offers great unlimited possibilities.


Sublimation is the method of applying an image to specially coated ceramic mugs using four main ingredients: sublimation ink, sublimation transfer paper, heat and pressure.

Sublimation ink is unique in its ability to convert from a solid to a gas without going through a liquid phase. The conversion is initiated by heat and controlled with pressure. Hard items such as ceramics require a special coating to accept the sublimation inks. Sublimation dyes are transparent in nature and should only be used with white or lightly colored, specially coated ceramic mugs.

The inherent nature of the sublimation process may render slight color variations.

To avoid premature fading of your sublimated imprint, it is recommended that this product be hand washed only.


Mystic Color™

What is Mystic Color™?
  Mystic Color™ is a disappearing ink that is heat sensitive. On a hot beverage mug it will cause the imprint to change just as soon as the outside surface temperature exceeds approximately 120 degrees.
Mystic Color™ is applied after the (non-changing) ceramic imprint colors have been silk screened and lehr fired. It can be used to hide all or part of the permanent imprint so that it will become visible soon after the hot beverage is poured into the mug.
  Available Colors
Available in Black Mystic Color™

Registration of Colors
Registration of Mystic Color™ to ceramic imprint colors require +/- 1/16" on the front side, +/- 1/8" for a two sided or wraparound imprint.

Available Items
All ceramic and porcelain items suitable for hot beverages can be successfully imprinted using Mystic Color™.

Mystic Color™ Simplified Pricing.....
Allows you to add Mystic Color™ to any suitable item found in the Glass America line. simply price the item at the lowest available price at the time of the order, at the quantity desired, and with appropriate number of ceramic imprint colors.

Then add for the Mystic Color™ as per the following chart for one application of up to four square inches of Mystic Color™, plus the appropriate charge for one additional screen at $50.00(g).








One Mystic Color™, One side add (per color)







Two Side Mystic Color™, add (per color)










Gold and Silver Techniques

 1.  22k Gold - 22k gold is available for an additional charge of $1.30 G per side. Any coverage of 22k gold over 3 (three) square inches on one side, or 5 (five) square inches on two sides, will incur additional charges.
 2.  22k Microwave Safe Gold - 22k microsafe gold is available for an additional charge of $1.30 G per side. Any coverage of 22k gold over 3 (three) square inches on one side, or 5 (five) square inches on two sides, will incur additional charges, Microwave safe gold is not dishwasher safe.
 3.  Iridescent Gold - Iridescent gold is priced as a normal ceramic ink, and is an affordable substitution for 22k gold.
 4.  22k Gold Embossed - An award winning process that can be added to ceramic or glass items. It is priced as a two-colored imprint, plus the additional upcharge for 22k gold per side.
 5.  Metallic Gold Acrylic Ink - A "metallic" gold option for stainless steel and acrylic products. This rich looking gold is priced as a normal acrylic ink.
 6.  Iridescent Silver - Iridescent silver is priced as a normal ceramic ink, and is an affordable substitution for precious metal Platinum.
 7.  Metallic Silver Acrylic Ink - A "metallic" silver option for stainless steel and acrylic products. This rich looking silver is priced as a normal acrylic ink.
 8.  Halo - Available in 22k gold (regular or microsafe). Can be applied to most ceramic and glass items for an additional charge of $1.10 G.
 9.  Cap Band - Available in 22k Gold (regular or microsafe). Can be applied to most ceramic and glass items for an additional charge of $1.20 G.
 10.  Crown Band - Available in 22k Gold (regular or microsafe). Can be applied to most ceramic and colored glass items for an additional charge of $3.00 G. Not available on clear glass items.
 11.  All Precious metal options are NOT dishwasher safe.


Digital Art Information


Preparing Digital Artwork - OnLine with Culver

We accept most versions of the following applications for either platform (MAC or PC).

Popular Formats We Prefer

    Adobe Illustrator
    Adobe Acrobat or PDF
    Macromedia Freehand
    Adobe PhotoShop (.psd, .tif, .jpg, .eps)

Please provide any fonts required for your design or take the proper measure to ensure no fonts will be required to open and print your artwork correctly.

Please send all files associated with your artwork. (Ex: When linked files are used, please send the linked file along with your artwork.)

when providing your art in one of the Photoshop formats, We require the art to be a minimum of 350dpi & Camera Ready, it will help ensure quality.

We Reserve the right to decide what is or is not Camera Ready Artwork.

Sending Digital Artwork

Upload it to us:

Go to: http://www.glassamerica.com/ArtUpload.cfm

or send via E-mail:

Submit artwork to: art@glassamerica.com or art@mglass.com

To ensure faster processing of your artwork, please include your Company Name, PO Number, ASI Number and the state in which your company is located. also, include a copy of the PO with your E-mail, or indicate layout, color breakdown and Item number.

On Media:


Requesting Digital Art - Online with Culver

We offer artwork prepared for direct screen via E-mail. Please provide a valid E-mail address.

Request ePROOF - We will send you a color separated black & white proof suitable for on-screen viewing in the PDF format which can be viewed through Adobe Acrobat. Upon request, and eProof can be sent using the JPEG format.

Request ART.....$30.00(g) - We will provide you with the final color separated artwork we used for your order. It will be provided in an EPS and TIFF file format.

Request Virtual ePROOF - We do not recommend using virtual proofs for out products. Most virtual samples do not have the kind of placement accuracy to really specify how a product will be decorated. A virtual sample is merely a visual guide and is not a true representation of an actual pre-production proof. However; we will offer virtual samples for one color imprints on our most popular product offering only.

We Cannot Accept Responsibility for failure to provide clear, concise and more importantly correct information. (for example: misdirected e-mail or file incompatibilities).



Item No.DescriptionDimensionsPrice Each
1.  No. B25Gold Foil Gift Box4"H x 4"W x 4"L $ 1.40 G
2.  No. B26Silver Foil Gift Box4"H x 4"W x 4"L $ 1.40 G
3.  No. B27White Gift Box4"H x 4"W x 4"L $ 1.40 G
4.  No. B28Black Gift Box4"H x 4"W x 4"L $ 1.40 G
5.  No. B29White Gift Box for Two Mugs4"H x 4-1/2"W x 7"L $ 2.00 G
6.  No. B30White Gift Box for Four Mugs4"H x 6-3/4"W x 9-1/2"L $ 2.15 G
7.  No. 1MUGIndividual Mug Mailer6-5/8"H x 5-5/8"W x 5-5/8"L $ 1.40 G
    (not shown, but also available in 2 pc.-$2.05, 4 pc.-$3.75& 6 pc.-$4.85 Mailers) (4g)
8.  No. B45Individual White Gift Box for Presidential Mug4"H x 4-1/8"W x 4"L $ 1.40 G
9.  No. B35White Gift Box for Two Presidential Mugs4-1/8"H x 4-1/2"W x 7-5/8"L $ 3.30 G
10.  No. B36White Gift Box for Four Presidentials4-1/8"H x 8-1/2"W x 8-1/2"L $ 3.50 G
11.  No. B432 pc. White Gift Box for Flutes3"D x 9-1/2"H x 6-1/4"W $ 1.75 G

Due to the variations in the sizes of our glass and ceramic products, we use two sizes of SAFE PACK PROTECTIVE BOXES. To ensure safer delivery for bulk pack shipments via non LTL carriers or individual package carriers, a SAFE PACK PROTECTIVE CARTON will be used.

Safe Pack Protective Box Size One (1) $6.95g

Safe Pack Protective Box Size Two (2) $7.95g

Each item in the full line catalog is indicated which Safe Protective Box is used (Version 1 or 2)

On all shipments requiring the use of a common carrier, Glass America will usually shrink wrap and palletize the cartons at no additional charge. We reserve the right to charge for palletizing if your order uses a special configuration that requires more pallets than we would normally use. if you request a third party billing for freight, please add $15.00(G) per skid charge. We reserve the right to add $18.75 (G) service and handling charge for all third party shipments.


General Information


Acknowledgments are sent via electronic mail or fax. It will be sent following receipt of your complete order and art instructions, with the express purpose of communicating both receipt of your order and information regarding interpretation of instructions, prices, shipping and design. The ship date for any orders will be established when the order is completely clarified. This information must be examined carefully so that any misunderstanding can be resolved prior to production. Your order will be produced as acknowledged. We reserve the right to correct an obvious clerical error.

To assure prompt processing of your order, submitted artwork must have complete and specific instructions as to layout, size, typestyle and placement. To ensure accuracy, all electronic art should be followed up with a “hard copy” of the art with the purchase order. Our policy is to size all artwork to the artists’ discretion for our products, unless otherwise specified. Listed imprint areas are subject to change. Submitting artwork that is not properly sized will delay the processing of your order, until we have your clarification. If the artwork is not camera-ready and sized, extra art charges, on a time required basis at a rate of $50.00 (G) per hour will be incurred. Providing camera ready art will not reduce screen charges. You will be advised in advance of extra artwork charges, and an approval will be required prior to processing the order. We reserve the right to determine what is camera-ready artwork.

Glass America recognizes the voluntary FDA guidelines limiting decorations within 20 mm of the lip and rim area for certain items when using ceramic based pigments. Please take the 20 mm guidelines into consideration if you wish to have your artwork vertically centered, as this may require a reduction in imprint size.

Informational Art Hints:
A) Just a reminder that if artwork is to be returned after use, please specify this on the purchase order. Place identification on the artwork as to where the artwork should be returned and the method of requested return. The customer shall hold Glass America harmless from any and all loss, cost, expense and damages to submitted artwork.

B) Be advised that due to the shape, radius or taper of some of our products the artwork will be altered in appearance from artwork submitted. (For example brandy snifters, Cafe mugs, and pilsners.)

C)Some of our handled glassware and acrylic products have seams opposite the handle and we do not recommend wraparound imprints.

D) When requesting a direct screen imprint the D.P.I. should be 40 to 53 D.P.I. and camera-ready to size for ceramic imprints and 30 D.P.I. for 22K Gold imprints. Should we need to convert your D.P.I. to conform to acceptable screening standards, we will seek your approval for extra art charges that apply. In the event your art requirements are higher than the screened D.P.I., we recommend the use of a decal that renders 120 D.P.I.

E) Acetates, film positives, screens and other preparatory materials produced by Glass America remain the exclusive property of Glass America.

Screen imprinting begins and ends 1" from the handle on both sides. If you require a wraparound imprint, we can get closer to the handle by use of a decal or the sublimation process. All orders for handled items will be imprinted on Side One only, unless otherwise specified.


Direct Screen Imprint - $50.00 (G) per color.
Please note: Some items require additional screen charges for an additional imprint on a 2nd side. For example: Ceramic Steins and Flower Pot Mugs.

Reorder Screen Charge: Placed within two years $12.50 (G), per color.


1 color imprint Decal/one side- $200.00
Each additional color/one side- $ 75.00
1 color imprint Decal/two sides-$187.50
Each additional color/two sides-$ 75.00 (4G)

California’s Proposition 65 referendum, which was passed by California voters in 1985, requires warning notices on products that contain any one of over 700 substances. This warning includes substances such as nicotine and tobacco smoke, and thousands of products varying from keys to lawn mowers are labeled with California Proposition 65 Warnings. Independent trial attorneys in California make thousands of Proposition 65 allegations every year and profit from the process. Very few Proposition 65 cases are actually brought by the State of California itself. Glass and ceramic decoration is regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and no Proposition 65 trial attorney has ever alleged violations of FDA regulation or any harm to any person related to decorated glass or ceramicware. The State of California Attorney General’s office can make Proposition 65 allegations; however, the state was not involved with settlement discussions in 2004 between a group of glass and ceramic retailers and manufactures and a Proposition 65 trial attorney. As a result, there is no uniform California-sanctioned standard related to glass and ceramicware, and glass and ceramic decorators may advise distributors, retailers or others that warnings may be required for glass and ceramicware that will be distributed or sold in California. Until the subject is clarified, we feel it is best to use any of the following three options:

Glass America is introducing three alternative ink processes that do NOT require Proposition 65 warnings.

    a) We have been using zinc based high temperature ceramic ink for all “known” California shipments.
    b) A new low temperature ink has now been developed that tests as durable as our high temperature zinc base
        process. As of the date of printing the 2006 Glass America Catalog, we recommend the low temperature
        process be used instead of the current high temperature zinc based colors (a) Note: The decal process will
        still require zinc based colors on glass products only.
    c) New Sublimation four-color process.

All Three of the above process (a-c) do not require Proposition 65 Warnings.

In all cases, Federal regulations are being complied with and allow us to use our standard base screening colors. We use standard base colors because of their durability and their proven safe reputation on the exterior of drinkware.

California does not recognize the Federal standards and developed their own. Their requirements include warnings, which we believe may be misinterpreted. Glass America disclaims any responsibility for any violations of California Proposition 65 requirements for any product decorated which does not utilize exclusively the materials specified in “A through C” as above.

If any distributor or end user knowingly or unknowingly sells product distributed into the State of California and does not inform Glass America in advance, in writing, prior to production of the order, the distributor or end user will hold Glass America harmless from all liability for alleged Prop 65 violations. It is the distributors’ responsibility to notify Glass America in advance of shipments to California or eventual indirect shipments to California. Any and all costs associated with defending any legal claims due to Proposition 65 will be the responsibility of the distributor and/or end customer, if Glass America has not been given advance notice prior to production of their order(s).

Should you require part of the order to be imprinted in a different ceramic color within a production run using the same screen, there is a color change charge of $16.25 (G). Changing from a ceramic imprint to 22K Gold imprint will incur a new screen charge. Minimum 144 pieces for special pricing per color change. There is no extra charge for using the same imprint, screen and imprint color on different colored mugs of the same style. (Applicable to one color imprints only). Full packing quantities are required for each color change (imprint or item).

Exact PMS color matches are not available. We try to match your color selection as closely as possible using PMS numbers as a reference only. If a special color is desired, such a request must be clearly stated on the order and a swatch of the color to be matched must accompany the order. Special colors may delay your order. Due to the nature of ceramic colors, an exact match cannot be guaranteed.

For ceramic and glass products we use standard ceramic imprint colors. They are fired on at temperatures of 1050-1100 degrees Fahrenheit, fusing the color for lasting permanence. 22K Gold are not ceramic colors and may wear off with use. We do not recommend the use of precious metals if you require lasting imprint permanence. The color shade or glaze of coffee mugs and ceramics may vary within an order and in particular with red exterior glazes. We cannot guarantee that reorders will be of the same color shade as a previous order or speculative sample. Variances in the color of glazes within an order is an acceptable industry standard. Due to the variances in mug colors, PMS color references are not available. The shades of ceramic inks will vary; depending upon the color of the item selected. Non-fired acrylic inks are used for steel and acrylic products. Close PMS matches may be achieved. We do not recommend the use of light or pastel ceramic inks on darker colored mugs.

Complaints or disputes must be made within 30 days after the receipt of a shipment, unless a freight carrier is involved. If a freight carrier is involved refer to the paragraph #19 - Freight claims, breakage, and shortages. We reserve the right to inspect items from the actual production run before processing any complaints or disputes.

Special pricing is available for co-op programs. We base the pricing on the total usage quantity anticipated over the length of the co-op program. Co-op orders must be within the established minimum order quantities of 144 pieces per copy change. Change of copy $30.00 (G) must be in one color only and is limited to 4 lines of straight line copy. Each co-op release or split shipment after the first incurs a $10.00 (G) release or split shipping charge. Details with regard to warehousing, drop shipping, additional color imprints, and additional packaging must have prior written factory approval. We require proper documentation for the co-op program.

Add $30.00 (G) per change of copy. The copy change must be in one color only and is limited to 4 lines of type. Copy changes must be at least 72 pieces for regular catalog items and 144 pieces on promotional items. Less than minimum charges will apply to copy changes not meeting the aforementioned minimum quantities (see paragraph 24). For example: 1,000 pc. orders which includes one or more copy changes will not receive full quantity price. Changes to the logo incur new screen charges.

Creative work, such as computer art graphics and multiple renditions of one design, or creating logos and all preparatory work developed and furnished by the producer shall remain our exclusive property, except upon compensation. Creative artwork produced will incur extra art charges of $50.00 (G) per hour.

Special orders of custom molds or non-catalog items are subject to an overrun or underrun of 10%.

Should tight registration require the use of a decal it is an up charge to our normal pricing and requires additional lead times for your order. Decal orders are subject to an overrun or under-run of up to 10%. The minimum order for flat or spot color decals is 144 pieces. The minimum order of four-color process decals is 576 pieces. Less than minimums are not available for decals. For flat or spot color decal pricing determine the multi-color price in the usual manner (include all different colors from all sides and normal up charges for 22kt gold) then add the decal up charge for the decals as:

One Side-Decaln/a .98 .94 .90 .84 .79
Two Side or Wrapn/a1.501.441.381.281.22

A sample from the production run is available to the distributor. Please request “sample to distributor” on the purchase order and add $6.25 (G), plus cost of item and shipping charges. In the event the actual order is underrun, the distributor sample will not be sent, unless otherwise specified. Distributor samples are sent only to street addresses. NO P.O. Boxes, PLEASE!

There is a $10.00 (G) charge for each drop, split, or release shipment after the first shipment.

Simple enclosures can normally be inserted at no additional charge. The enclosure must conveniently fit and be capable of being dropped into the item or packaging with minimal effort. We reserve the right to determine which enclosures are at no charge and which enclosures incur a charge.

18. FAST GLASS-2 Day Service:
Prices listed for 2 Day FAST GLASS are for one color imprints. Minimum order is 144 pieces for acrylics, glass, ceramics, and Steel City products. Order quantities are subject to availability. Camera-ready and able to be direct screened art is required. Of course we accept electronic art at key@glassamerica.com. Remember to identify the art FAST GLASS. Metallic bands and halos will require one additional production day. Proofs, speculative samples and special colors are not available. Complete order information and clarification is the key to keeping your order with 2 day Service. Complete shipping instructions are required and any special requirements should be clearly marked. Mark your orders clearly as FAST Glass. We reserve the right to limit the availability of this service during certain peak production periods. Orders received after 12:00 P.M. will be considered as received the next business day. Screen Charge-$55.00 (G) per color, Precious Metal Imprints-$2.10 (G) per side, Precious Metal Bands-$ 1.80 (G) & Precious Metal Halos-$ 1.65 (G)

Shipments are sent FOB shipping point, freight prepaid unless otherwise requested. To ensure safer delivery for bulk pack shipments via non LTL carriers or individual package carriers a safe pack protective carton will be used at a charge of $5.75 (g) per carton for Safe Protective Box One (1) OR $6.75g per carton for Safe Pack Protective Box Two (2). In the event you decline the use of Safe Pack Cartons it is understood that Glass America is not responsible for any breakage claims. If a master carton is necessary to provide consolidation and protection there is a charge of $5.25 (g) per carton with a $10.50 (g) minimum per shipment. With or without master cartons, the freight charges on all such shipments include a $5.00 (g) fee for the additional handling and labeling required. Glass America shipping charges are then added to your invoice. We reserve the right to ship any order by the method we determine as the most efficient manner. Please note that if “BEST WAY” is indicated on the purchase order that this leaves the shipping method to our discretion. ‘BEST WAY’ does not mean cheapest. It means the best method to get your order to you on time and intact. If you desire an economical method, please indicate a specific carrier for your particular order. Choosing your own carrier will hold Glass America harmless from any breakage or freight claims. If you would like air freight, we recommend obtaining a quote for your order before sending your purchase order. Only UPS Red or FedEx Priority is Guaranteed delivery before noon. We are not responsible for the accuracy of estimated freight charges. Just a reminder freight estimates will vary contingent upon any over or underruns. Glass America reserves the right to submit additional freight billing(s) from carriers within 45 days after the original invoice is sent, due to delayed invoicing from the carriers as a result of interlining between carriers and international shipments or where miscellaneous charges are incurred for brokerage fees, freight surcharges, inside delivery charges, etc. and are tendered by the carrier after the first invoice. We reserve the right to add $18.75 (G) service and handling charge for all third party shipments. Small package carrier shipments may incur additional charges of $12.50 (G) for each residential air delivery. Remote locations may incur additional delivery charges of $12.50 (G) per carton in addition to the normal delivery charges. Any variations in the provided ship to address from the actual delivery address may incur additional charges up to $12.50 (G) per carton. Be as specific and complete (provide accurate suite numbers) as possible with shipping addresses to avoid additional charges. Glass America reserves the right to submit additional freight billings from carriers within 45 days after the original invoice is sent, due to delayed invoicing from the carriers as a result of charge backs.

Title to the goods passes to the buyer at the F.O.B. point or upon mailing of the invoices for finished work, whichever occurs first. We do not insure on-time delivery or safe carriage of goods. Individual package carriers claims should be reported to Glass America within 15 days from receipt of the shipment. Individual package carriers will pay up to $100.00 per carton. Anything over $100 will not be paid unless additional insurance has been purchased on the carton. You must retain possession of the goods relating to the claim, as all carriers reserve the right of inspection. Please ensure that you sign for the correct carton count. The minimum order to replace breakage is 36 pieces. Choosing your own carrier will hold Glass America harmless from any breakage or freight claims. All goods shipped via common carrier are shipped at the buyers risk and all claims must be made against the carrier. Recourse rests exclusively with the transportation company. Claims must be filed with the carrier within 15 days from receipt of the shipment. Unless otherwise requested, all glassware will be shipped at a release value not to exceed $ .90 (x) per lb.(Class 70). All Stainless Steel and Acrylic products shipped LTL will be shipped at Class 100. Any claims paid by the transportation company would be based upon this value. Parcel post shipments cannot be tracked and must be insured to file a breakage claim. Deductions from your invoice for breakage or shortage are not authorized.

Orders may be produced and held for shipment at a later date. Allow one week for the release. The entire order will be produced and invoiced upon receipt of a purchase order. The distributor owned merchandise will be held in the factory warehouse until releases are requested. The full order must be released within 6 months. All customer’s property stored at producer’s facility is stored at the customer’s risk. Producer is not liable for any loss or damage caused thereto. Each release shipments will incur a $8.00 (G) charge. It is required to confirm the ship date and ship to address within a week of each release. A full release schedule submitted with the initial order will not suffice.

Add the cost of the mailer to the price schedule for the item desired, plus $1.75 (g) per individual item plus individual shipment charges. Please provide an email (or disc) with the list in an Excel or Comma Delimited document. We will provide computer typed labels at noadditional charge, if we have a well arranged, complete Excel document to work from.

If you require an inside delivery, you must specify inside delivery and the suite/room number on the purchase order. Any delivery beyond a loading dock may be considered an inside delivery. Deliveries beyond the buyers loading dock are subject to additional charges and will only be done at the customer’s risk. Inside delivery will incur additional delivery charges. If an inside delivery is requested at the time the carrier arrives, be advised you will receive an additional subsequent invoice for this service in addition to your original invoice.

When ordering less than minimum quantities shown on the price schedule, (36-71 pieces) a $50.00 (G) per color set-up charge is incurred. Normal art and screen charges still apply. The minimum order for decals is 144 pieces and 576 pieces for four color process decals. Less than minimums for decals are not available.

Charges incurred prior to cancellation of an order will be invoiced. Minimum charge of $40.00 (G).

On all shipments requiring the use of a common carrier, Glass America will usually shrink wrap, strap and palletize the cartons at NO EXTRA CHARGE. We reserve the right to charge for palletizing if your order uses a special configuration that requires more pallets than we would normally use. If you request a third party billing for freight, please add $15.00 (G) per skid charge. We reserve the right to add $18.75 (G) service and handling charge per order.

Individual names, individual proper nouns, or sayings can be applied and fired directly on most items in our full line catalog. Typestyles are limited to Helvetica 67, Cooper, and Brush Script. Minimum quantity is 50 personalizations. A completed typed alphabetical list must be provided. If the desired ink color is not specified, the personalization will be black. Ceramic color personalization is $3.00 (G) per personalization in addition to the regular catalog price of the item. 22K Gold personalization is $3.60 (G) per personalization. Setup charge is $50.00 (G) per set of 150 personalizations. The $50.00 (G) is also the minimum setup charge. Normal art and screen charges apply. Allow five to six weeks to fulfill personalization orders. A second line of personalization will require a quotation. Etched personalizations add $6.00 (G) per item up to 2 lines. $50.00 (G) set up per 50 names.

Prices are based upon material and labor costs as of the date of the catalog printing, and are subject to change without notice at any time.
NOTE: We are NOT responsible for incorrect information listed on industry product search tools such as ESP and SAGE.

Facsimile and black and white paper proofs are available at no charge, acetate proof $30.00 (G) However; any changes or revisions to your original instructions will incur additional non-waivable charges of $25.00g PER COLOR/ PER REVISION. The proof approval form sent with the proof must be signed and returned before production of your order begins. We reserve the right to render a proof for any order. Glass America’s policy is to issue a speculative product sample for your approval prior to production for all orders of 500 pieces or larger, orders with complicated artwork and orders requiring the use of the decal process. Delays to proof approvals may require a change in your scheduled ship dates. See #37 for spec charges per color. You may take advantage of our free online virtual samples at www.glassamerica.com.

The porcelains and stoneware products depicted in our catalog are not deemed acceptable for restaurant use with repeated dish washing in heavy commercial dishwashers. Slight variations and tiny imperfections in glassware and ceramics are not considered flaws. There are almost always slight differences in diameter, height, and other dimensions in glassware and ceramics. Listed ounces and weights will vary. Due to the individual craftsmanship of the hand dipped and lined duo-toned mugs collection; variances do occur in the color portions of the glaze. Variations in materials, firing temperatures, and glazes may result in dissimilarities in glassware and ceramics. These conditions are within acceptable industry standards. Due to the nature of the Stainless Steel items with plastic PVC liners, we do not recommend them as dishwasher safe. The dissimilar materials, stainless steel outside and plastic liner inside may cause expansion and contraction if washed in dishwashers allowing water to become trapped between the walls of the mug. Colored stainless steel mugs are NOT dishwasher safe.

Due to the difficulty of manufacturing exact requirements without sacrificing quality, all shipments of 288 pieces or less are subject to 10% over or under the quantity ordered and must be considered fulfillment of the order. Orders for 289 pieces or more are subject to 5% over or under the quantity ordered. Orders requiring no overruns are subject to an underrun of up to 10% and orders requiring no underruns are subject to an overrun of up to 10%. Exact quantity shipments are available for an additional charge of $25.00 (G) Decal orders are subject to an overrun or underrun of up to 10%.

Where it becomes necessary to register one color or more next to another, there is the possibility of misregistration amounting to approximately 1/16” to the right or left, depending on the size and shape of the ware being decorated. This tolerance meets industry standards, and is considered acceptable. If we determine that a decal should be used to hold specific tolerances, additional charges will apply.

Exact reorders placed within two years of the previous order will incur a $12.50(g) Reorder Charge, per color. Reorders placed after two years will incur normal screen charges of $50.00(g), per color. Due to the variances in production equipment, processing, inks and other conditions between your original order and the reorder, a reasonable variation from the original order to the reorder is considered within acceptable industry standards. If the reorder has a color change or a copy change, we reserve the right to submit a proof for your final approval. Reorders should be submitted on a new purchase order and reference the previous order number and date. If a reorder has been placed numerous times, please reference the most recent order placed. Providing this information will assist us in locating your previous order and enable us to process the order more quickly and ensure we have the correct art for the reorder.

Merchandise cannot be returned for any reason without written factory authorization. Any merchandise that is returned without written authorization will not be accepted.

All goods are shipped by motor freight or individual package carriers, depending on the destination and the weight of shipment; F.O.B. Western, Pennsylvania. Be advised that motor freight normally incurs higher shipping costs. Bulk Parcel Post shipments cannot be made due to the nature and weight of the product. Title to the goods passes to the buyer at the F.O.B. point. We reserve the right to ship any order by the method we determine as the most efficient manner. Please see paragraph number 19. Please specify on your purchase order the ship to address if it is different than the distributor location. Our policy is to schedule your ship date when we have the complete shipping information. The order may be delayed until a shipping address is specified. If the shipping instructions state “we will be advised” we cannot establish a ship date or commence production until we are advised. due to special handling requirements, there will be a $31.25 (G) fee for all Parcel Post shipments.

Mailers are available for most items. If they are not shown with the item in the catalog, contact the factory for price and availability. All mailer pricing includes insertion of the product(s) into mailers, unless otherwise specified. Unless otherwise specified, requested mailers or gift boxes will be packed in master (outer) cartons at $5.75 per master carton. $11.50 minimum (2G). To ensure safer delivery for bulk pack shipments via LTL carriers or individual package carriers a safe pack protective carton will be used at a charge of $5.75 (G) per carton for Safe Pack Protective Box One (1) or $6.75 (G) per carton for Safe Pack Protective Box Two (2). Individual item descriptions will advise as to the Safe Pack Protective Box required as either box 1 or 2. In the event you decline the use of Safe Pack Protective Boxes it is understood that Glass America is not responsible for any breakage claims.

Speculative samples are available at $50.00 (G) per color, plus normal art and screen charges. This charge is refundable if an order results with no alterations to the original copy. Glass America’s policy is to issue a speculative product sample for your approval prior to production for all orders with complicated artwork, and orders requiring the use of the decal process. We reserve the right to render a proof on any order. Waiving approval of the spec sample for the aforementioned conditions to expedite quicker delivery will also waive all your rights to any claims. Normal art and screen charges are still applicable. Any revisions or changes to your original instructions for any speculative samples will incur additional art, screen, and sampling charges, and will revise your scheduled ship date. These charges are non-refundable. Unless otherwise specified, the spec sample will be sent to the distributor. Delays to spec sample approvals may require a change in your scheduled ship dates. Due to the variances in production equipment, processing, inks and other conditions between proofing (sampling) and the actual production run, a reasonable variation from the production sample to the production run is considered within industry standards.

In the event Glass America is directed by the customer to use any logo, copy, or similar material supplied by any source other than Glass America to produce an order, it is agreed and understood that Glass America shall be acting as the Agent of the customer on the use of such material. The customer, as principal, shall be responsible to comply with all laws regarding copyright, trademark, patent, right of privacy, licensing or similar right of protection, and shall indemnify and save harmless Glass America, its agent, for any suits, claims or action of any nature for damages, expenses and costs which may arise by reason of Glass America using said material in accordance with the customer’s direction, all of which shall be considered within the scope of the aforementioned agency relationship. Trademarks and logos shown on products in this catalog are merely depicted to represent the products and our ability to decorate them, but are never meant to imply the decorations were created by this company or that the products with any specific decorations are available to any purchaser, without the consent of the owners of the trademarked or copyrighted art or copy. Trademarks and logos shown do not imply endorsement of our products by their owners.

Wraparound or second side imprints must be requested. Wraparound or second side imprints are available at NO EXTRA CHARGE on most items if the same color imprint is used (except 22K Gold or decals). Due to the nature and shape of various items, the second side imprint is charged an additional color and screen charge. Wraparounds are not recommended on glass handled items as there is a seam opposite the handle that may interfere with the imprinting.

A 22K Gold 3/32 cap band (regular or micro-wave safe) may be applied around the rim or on top of most items. For example see page 191.

A 22K Gold halo (regular or micro-wave safe) may be applied on the rim or on top of most items. For example see page 191.

A 22K Gold crown band (regular or micro-wave safe) (includes band on the outside, on top and inside of item) may be applied to items. For example see page 191.

An “embossed effect” can be attained on most items. It is priced as a two color imprint, plus the additional charge for 22K Gold. We do not recommend the embossed technique when using the decal process.

22K Gold imprints are an additional charge. Determine the unit price of the item as if all the colors on the requested item were standard ceramic colors. Then add the 22K Gold pricing as an additional charge of the item. Please note that the 22K Gold is for one side only. Any coverage of 22K gold over three (3) square inches-one sided, or five (5) square inches-two sided or wrap will incur additional charges. A second side or wraparound 22K Gold imprint may require an additional add on price. Please specify on your order the type of gold imprint desired. We offer non-metallic gold colors. Simply requesting “gold” may cause your order to be delayed. By requesting "Metallic Gold" you will receive 22K gold at an additional charge of $1.30 (G) Please specify if you desire iridescent gold. For any other request for ceramic gold imprints, please reference a PMS color. Be specific when ordering. NOTE: The thinnest regular line that can be direct screen imprinted with precious metals is 1/64” wide and the thinnest reversed line that can be direct screen imprinted with precious metals is 1/32”. The screen pattern that can be imprinted with precious metals is 30 dots per inch (30 D.P.I.). We do not recommend printing screen patterns with precious metals because of the 30 dots per inch.

Non-Microwave Safe Microwave Safe
Gold  Gold DescriptionPrice
G01    G 11     Halo $ 1.10 each
G05    G 15     Cap Band $ 1.20 each
G 19     G 21     Crown Band $ 3.00 each
G 03    G 08     Imprint (per side) $ 1.30 each


45. Stock Calendar Design Imprint Areas

A. - 1-1/4" H x 3-1/2" W x 10-9/16" Wrap
B. - 1" H x 3-1/2" W x 10-9/16" Wrap
C. - 2-7/8" H x 3-1/2" W x 10-9/16" Wrap
D. - 1-1/8" H x 1-1/8" W x with 12 spaces
E. - 1-3/4" H x 2" W - Back 3-3/4" H x 3-1/2" W

46. Etch Areas
Oversized Etch Areas:
All etch areas listed in the Windsor Collection are suggested etch areas. These etch areas have been created to allow us to create the best looking finished product possible. Many guidelines, including (but not limited to) the overall shape of the piece, the items contour and number of cuts or bevels, go into our decisions regarding etch areas. If you wish to etch an area which is larger than our listed etch areas, additional charges may apply. We will advise you in advance if additional charges will apply for all etched artwork that exceeds the listed available etch areas.
Non Traditional Etch Areas:
Most items are pictured in our catalog and on our website showing the traditional deep etch location for the item. The suggested etch area which we publish for all items is based upon measurements taken from these locations. If you wish to etch an area other than the standard etch imprint area, please know that additional charges may apply. You will be notified in advance if the non tradtional etch area you are requesting will incur additional charges.

The difference between ceramic (stoneware) and porcelain

Ceramic ware is considered "vitrified" if it will absorb less than 0.2 percent of its own weight. This means the surface is smooth and glass-like, creating a hard, extra durable surface. The pieces resistant to breakage and chipping.

Porcelain ware is made of kaolin clay. Kaolin is a white clay that retains its white color when fired. It is fired at temperatures in excess of 1,300 degrees Celsius and is more fully vitrified than stoneware. It is usually covered with a clear glaze, which allows the white color to show. The fired color tends to be more of a "cool" white. Porcelain becomes vitrified during the second firing of a two fire process, and the finish tends to be harder. Therefore, porcelain tends to be finer quality than stoneware (ceramic).

Stoneware differs from Porcelain not only in color, but the way it is fired. Where Porcelain becomes vitrified during the second firing (second firing is hotter than first firing), Stoneware is vitrified during a single firing, which the temperature is a little less than used for Porcelain. The resulting finish is warmer in color than Porcelain. An easy way to tell Porcelain from Stoneware is to turn a piece upside down; where the bottom rim is, Porcelain will be white, showing the color of the clay, whereas Stoneware will be a natural color with a colored glaze on top.

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